Top Reasons to Go Cloud Storage 

cloud storage in many ways works the same as "on-site" storage with valuable benefits

storage space

  Depending on the implementation or service, a customer can have virtually unlimited video storage.  Think of it like the difference between your computer's emails stored on a local server vs. webmail stored off-site with a virtually unlimited capacity.

With an outdated system, your storage is limited to your on-site capabilities. In contrast, storage in a cloud service can be virtually limitless.

ease of use and data recovery

  In many instances, the video files are managed from your Mac/PC or even tablet or smartphone.

Using cloud services is simple. Instead of locating the footage, creating the clip, then burning it to a CD or disc, simply select footage and email a link from the cloud service!

Clips can also be  often located more quickly as you don't have to scroll through hours of footage to find a specific incident. In many cases the "events" are listed by motion capture or are "flagged" automatically.

cost savings

  Businesses often find cloud storage solutions reduce annual operating costs. Cloud storage is a competitive industry and the costs are coming down quickly.  Additional savings are due to reduced power consumption.  Also overhead on purchasing and maintaining on-site equipment is reduced significantly. 


  Traditional analog camera systems rely on a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Much like a VCR, DVRs record video feeds from the cameras to a large unity with several hard drives or tapes in it. This unit needs to be on-site, either in a closet or manager's office. These recorders are bolted down or placed in a locked enclosure. Savvy burglars can destroy or steal the unit and all recorded footage! 

What is cloud storage?  advantages?

  Cloud storage sends video over the Internet to an off-site server or computer, where the stored footage can be retrieved even in event of damage or theft. Modern systems are a hybrid of two systems:
1.  They record video to an on-site computer (or memory cards in the cameras).
2.  At the same time, they maintain a "backup" on an off-site server.

Most modern systems allow you to access footage from a smartphone for live view, historical view, and even to send clips to the authorities for internal or legal action.

This dedicated service notifies you instantly if there is a technical issue anywere on the system.

And, these solutions are more reliable and can be less expensive.


  Cloud storage systems do require an always-on Internet connection. Depending on the number of cameras in use, costs from your Internet provider can increase. A monthly fee for off-site storage will likely apply as well. Finally, there can be some needed equipment upgrades or additions. 

can I convert an outdated systems?

  Even many "legacy" systems are offering ways to modernize and upgrade. 

There are also solutions where Atlas can integrate equipment such as video servers to bring an older analog system into the digital age.

If you are wondering if you can implement cloud storage with your current camera system, please schedule a free consultation with Atlas Security. 


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